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Abigail Houston is allergic to everything. It’s called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity/Environmental Illness, and it causes her to have reactions. When talking about her healing journey, she prefers to fast forward past all the doctors’ appointments and get to the part where she replaces her personal and home care products with sustainable naturals. Abigail experienced remarkable health improvements almost instantly, and is now mostly free (say 90%-95%) from symptoms of chronic reactivity.
Abigail lives to learn about wellness and bodywork, and has studied several traditional and healing arts modalities. She is a certified aromatherapist who is inspired to create beneficial fragrances that resonate with high health. She is often in her studio blending her many little bottles of essential oils and tincture experiments together. She studies, and then she sniffs, wafts, and writes about it.
In addition to writing All Natural Perfumery guides, Abigail collaborates with other scent seekers to create custom fragrances, energized with intention. She also leads blending workshops, because a whole room full of fragrance creatives is the best place to be.

She hopes that you care about the planet too, and find her All Natural Perfumery Series of guidebooks a practical and fun step along your path of perfumery.

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