book 1 (1)

Are mass market fragrance products giving you rashes and headaches? Do you have a collection of essential oils but need inspiration on how to use them? In volume 1 discover the art and practice of all natural perfumery. Topics include the history and structure of natural perfume compositions, fragrance families, and everything you want to know to craft DIY all natural personal and home fragrances. Includes 50+ perfume formulations so you can get started blending your signature scents.

In Volume 2 of All Natural Perfumery, Abigail Houston, teacher of perfume making, opens her notebook and shares what she’s learned about fragrance creation. While the first book in the series focused on a basic understanding of how to create appealing formulas with essential oils, tinctures, and hydrosols, the second book focuses on the role of flavor in perfume making and exercises to enhance smelling abilities. It’s everything olfactory and why you should care! This guide includes 40-plus blends to practice your skills. These formulas include “smell-alike” recreations of brand name colognes and perfumes from Lancôme, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Avon, Adidas, and Chanel—but these imitations use all natural ingredients instead of chemicals.
Smell great, breathe easy, learn about aromas, and have fun!

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