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The idea for All Natural Perfumery came from Abigail Houston, a woman who is allergic to everything. After her illness prompted her to learn about wellness and bodywork, she joined the ranks of some of the most elite certified aromatherapists in Eugene, OR.

She creates natural perfumery, which is a blend of essential oils and tincture experiments. The result is fragrances that resonate with high health. Through her perfume books, she shares what she has learned with others.

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All Natural Perfumery Volume 1: Scents with Benefits is a wonderful introduction to the art and practice of all-natural perfumery. You will learn all about the history and structure of natural perfume compositions, fragrance families, and everything else you need to create personal fragrances at home.

The second of the fragrance books is All Natural Perfumery Volume 2 The Essentials of Aroma. This book focuses on the role that flavor plays in making perfume. It also teaches you about special exercises that you can do to enhance your smelling abilities.

Smelling great and feeling good about yourself does not mean that you have to spray yourself with harmful chemicals that may irritate your skin. With guidance from these excellent books, you will be able to create amazing fragrances that are unique to your personal style and preference without all of the chemicals.

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