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I’m including resources and product recommendations that are necessities in maintaining my health as a super sensitive person. As far as product suggestions, I’m a picky purist. I’m always on the search for products that don’t hijack my reactivity and are user friendly and actually do the job.

Commercial health, hygiene and beauty products marketed as natural are usually quite spendy, and I’ve wasted loads of money on duds. I want to save you that same runaround of expensive frustration. I’m not affiliated with any of these people or products, these recommendations are just things that work notably well for me.

Here’s what I use in case you’re also highly sensitive and are in the market for clean personal care, well being, and household items.

~ dab herb makeup sells herb and plant makeup that actually works (except the mascaras on me. Smudge city. It’s working for lots of people though judging from the 5-star reviews.) Everything else in their cosmetics lineup rules.

~ Omiana is my place to buy mascara. This company uses minerals, but they allow you to pick your ingredient omissions. This is very helpful for when you know which ingredients bother you.

~Organic Excellence has the most clean plant hormone balance cream for men and women. They also have good plain and simple shampoo/conditioner, hairspray.

~Alevia soap and lotion with seaweed is wonderful.

~Branch Basics has the best all purpose household/dish/laudry cleaner and oxy bleach.

~For the Biome has great teas and skincare products. They also have free mindfulness meditations which are really nice.

~The Better Back is a wonderful postural device. It’s a total gimp suit. It’s got knee pad things and is strappy and hideous, but it works great and is super affordable. I think mine was $35. Their motto is that with the Better Back, any chair is an ergonomic chair, and they speak the truth. I use it to sit cross legged on the floor, which used to jenk my back bad.

~Wunder Clip is an acupressure clip for your hand and it works so well for headaches.

~Kishu Charcoal is water purifying charcoal. Your water will taste so good.

~ iawake technologies has the best meditations. Some are guided. They use brainwave entrainment, psycho acoustics and biofield technology (I got that info off their website). Their programs make meditation way more fun and effective. They are awesomely generous with their free downloads. Full disclosure: I’ve done some beta testing for them when they create new products, but I’m not reimbursed and I don’t receive any kickbacks for sales or anything.

~Patrick Teahan’s channel on YouTube. Very excellent mental health resource. His videos help people. ~Captain Awkward advice blog. Hilarious, helpful, and writing from my hometown, Chicago.

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