Where do you create?

Variety of Storage Arrangements

Browsing online, there are images of perfumers that use a variety of storage arrangements, with aesthetics that range from simple open shelving with a laboratory apothecary feeling, to ornate carved wood cabinets.

Some photos show the perfumer seated in front of a perfumer’s organ, which looks a bit like a church organ crossed with a roll-top desk crossed with a wraparound receptionist’s desk, with their oils organized in a half circle around the perfumer.

Marie Forleo coined the term “Multi-passionate creative,” and that sounds like a lot of us, doesn’t it? It can sometimes take a bit of effort to carve out a place for your creative multi passions though. Perceived lack of space and not prioritizing myself were holding me back.

But then I saw a magazine called Where Women Create, and it showed mostly female artists and how they were able to make room for their creative outlets. They gave the tour of their studios and told their stories about how their space came to be. It turns out many of them had to overcome resistances to their own creativity, often manifested in lack of organization.

I read Barbara Sher’s book, Refuse to Choose! How to Use All of Your Interests, Passions, And Hobbies to Create the Life and Career of Your Dreams (Rodale Books, 2007). She explains that some of us like to do a bunch of creative things simultaneously, and have lots of projects going all the time. The author’s term for multi-passionate creatives is “scanners.” It’s just our process. She says all these projects can get chaotic unless you use a functional system of organization. Creatives need a functional work space, and perfumery supplies require good storage. I use shelving, baskets and totes.

Here are the 2 places I’ve created as my studios. One space is just a shelf in the corner, and I clear off the kitchen table When I want to work on projects. The other workspace is a whole entire awesome room, but regardless of the amount of space, my storage system is to keep my essential oils and tincture experiments by category in cute baskets on shelves. I keep my flower and crystal essences there too, as well as reference books. There’s a bigger basket for diffusers.

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